What Babies Enjoy Most When They’re in the Womb!


Many Psychological studies indicate that the connection between the mother and her baby starts  forming its shape before the baby’s birth, these studies prove that the fetus acquire an ability derived from the mothers body that allows him to feel her mood and her psychomogical state.

Here are the things that unborn babies feel and enjoy the most :

8. Sweets:



It is known that the fetus can recognise and differenciate between tastes of the mothers amniotic fluid that nourish it, means if the mother eats spicy food, the baby also tastes it, that is why mothers should eat healthy food to make sure that her baby is well-fed, It is also common  that a baby is innately a sweet tooth, they enjoy the sweet food the mothers eat.

7. Warm Bath:


Warm Bath is something that both pregnant mothers and babies enjoy, the warm water makes them more relaxed and resting, not during the whole pregnancy period but it starts when the baby grows enough to be close to his mother skin that he can ejoy his mothers warm baths.

6. Belly Gentle Touches:


Babies feel and react to the gentle touches they feel when they are 20 weeks or so, that is a good way to make the baby meets his dad through his mothers belly, and most of the time they react by moving as a sign of enjoying that tender rub.

5. Mother Voice:


Starting from when the unborn baby acquires his listening sense, he learns to recognize voices around him, and since the mother voice is the one voice he can hear clearly and gets used to it, it represents a sign of peace and comfort for the baby, as well as the fathers voice, they easily recognize it and distinguish its tones.

4. Music:


Exposing a good music to a baby; classical kind for instance stimulates his senses especially the listening sense, also, when the mother listens to the kind of music she prefers, this stimulates the production of serotonin hormone that can transferred to her baby.

3. Cardio Exercise:



Cardio exercises are highly recommended by doctors, the most safe and suitable exercise that helps in  better developing and strengthening both the mother and the fetus hearts.

2. Mother’s Relax Time:


It is awkward that the duo mother baby feel things the same way but they do not agree in one thing, mother relax time is her baby activity time; babies can not experience new movements and patterns while his mom is moving and active, that is why they wait until mommy is relaxing.

1. Laughter:



Not anyone’s laughter, but it is the mother’s laughter that makes the fetus bounce as a result of the transferred happiness hormones; as it was experienced by many mothers, which means that when the mother is happy her baby is happy as well. Pregnancy I an amazing experience, in which mothers start discover the bond and emotions she shares with her baby, so taking care of herself  is actually taking care of the fetus too because everything that benefits her, it surely benefits her child too, and vice versa

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