6 Common Ways to Hold a Child That Can Be Dangerous for Their Health

It is widely believed  that the moment ,when moms  hold  their  children skin-to-skin, gives  one the most relaxing feelings that could ever  been  experienced by both mothers and childern. At the same time experts highlight the fact that you –as a mom-  must be consider   the right position unless it will be harmfull for him. We are about to display in this article the 6 most common holding positions which are said to be harmfull:

6. Holding a baby under their armpits.

As a matter of fact, newborn’s neck muscles are soft in their early months and they only can support their heads by time they are 4-6 months old. Thus you need to bear this in head and never ever hold a child under his armpit as it may cause choking or affliction.

5. Keeping a baby in a carrier.

As long as you put the infant in the right position ,a carrier is acceptable to be used. Make sure that you support his legs properly and that he’s positioned as if you were carrying him. Then place the joints in a position that the spine doesn’t get damaged. In case his legs hang this will trigger some diseases like:  dysplasia or dislocation.

4. Keeping the baby’s head on your shoulder.

Some mothers tend to lean their baby’s head againdt their shoulders, which is totally wrong. This particular act expose the infant to the danger of choking or swollowing a bit of your clothes. The right position is to hold him chest to chest and let his face above the shoulder.

3. One side holding position.

Try to switch the side you carry the child on very often just to make sure he won’t face difficulties developing neck muscules on each side or turning his head right and left.

2. You don’t support their back.

One of the mistakes that are being commited is supporting the buttsock as well as the head while ignoring the back. This alert the risk of falling down besides prussere on the spine because the back isn’t corectly supported. Thus consider that you put a hand beneath his head and the other beneath his back.

1. Holding a baby facing out.

Carrying a child in a carrier is like the facing away position ,which is yeat another wrong position to be avoided.  this position expose much pressure on his spine and hanging legs ; it doesn’t help to control him either. You should hold him chest-to-chest and make sure that you support the appropriate parts of his body.

While on the subject we must grab your attention to some other harmful act made by parents: those parents who usually pull their sons by hand are actually damaging their elbow bone ,techniqually speaking theradial head subluxation which means that this bone is displaced. This tip is for less than 5-years-old childern parents as after this age, the bones became stronger and way developed and the elbow bone is not likely to happen.

In a nutshell, pay careful attention to the way in which you hold your son so that you don’t harm him indelibrately and emmidiately replace those bad habits by healthier ones. Tell us in comments which position you used to hold your child and did know that it was wrong?